How it works. is a service that lets you create agents that add intelligence to your applications.

You can get started right away.


Anyone with experience building Web or mobile apps can easily understand You don’t need to be a machine learning expert or a data scientist to create agents.

You don’t need a big training set of data to get started, either. All you need is some understanding of your problem domain.

Turning knowledge into code

02 lets you turn your domain knowledge into code. You create agents on the Web site and tell them rules about how to make decisions.

Our technique, called fuzzy logic, lets your rules be like what people would understand.’s rules let you express ideas like:

  • Prices should be lower on weekends.
  • People who buy a shirt in a particular style may like another shirt with the same style.
  • Orders where the credit-card country are different from the delivery country are suspicious.

Hooking up your applications


Once you have created an agent, you can send data to it from your Web or mobile app code. It will send back answers that your app can use to change its interactions with the user. provides a RESTful API for your code. We have SDKs for many Web languages, including Python, PHP, Ruby, and Node.js.

Getting better over time


Once you’ve hooked up your application to, you’ll get intelligent results immediately. You can improve those results over time by providing feedback.

In your code, you can determine how well the agent’s decision has done. Did the user buy the product at the recommended price? Was the order returned? Did the user click through on the recommended link?

As you provide feedback, will automatically tune your agent to give better results the next time you ask for an answer.

Free to try

No credit card required

05 is free to try. You get 5000 free evaluations per month, so you can start making decisions in your code immediately and see for yourself how it improves your software and delights your users.

As you scale, scales with you. We have a number of pro account levels that let you make hundreds of thousands or millions of API calls a month, with the level of technical support you need.

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